1. Mehnaz Afridi - Loyola Marymont University, Los Angeles, CA
2. Akbar Ahmed - Chair of Islamic Studies, American University
3. Imam Mohamad Bashar Arafat - Founder, Civilizations Exchange and Cooperation Foundation
4. Karen Armstrong - Author, “A History of God”
5. Dr. John Borelli - Dir. for Interreligious Affairs, Georgetown University, Wash. D.C.
6. Cherie Brown - Founder & Exec. Dir., National Coalition Building Institute
7. Bishop John Chane - National Cathedral, Diocese of Washington D.C.
8. Bishop Kenneth Cragg - Church of England
9. Dr. Diana Eck – Prof. of Comparative Religion, Harvard Divinity School
10. Sarah Eltantawi - Progressive Muslim Union of North America
11. Rabbi Marla Feldman - Comm. on Social Action of Reform Judaism
12. Dr. Reuven Firestone - Author, “Children of Abraham: Introduction of Judaism for Muslims”
13. Rev. Barbara Gerlach - United Congregational Church of Christ, Wash., D.C.
14. Dr. Marc Gopin - Dir., Center for World Religions, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution
15. Blu Greenberg - Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance
16. Rabbi Irving Greenburg - Former Chairman, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council
17. Imam Yahya Hendi - Chaplain, Georgetown University
18. Dr. Gordon Hugenberger - Author, “Marriage as a Covenant”
19. Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah - Institute for Conflict Analysis, Wash. D.C.
20. Daisy Kahn - Executive Director, American Sufi Muslim Association
21. Imam Abdullah Khouj - The Islamic Center of Washington, D.C.
22. Dr. Clark Lobenstine - Executive Director, InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington
23. Rev. John Mack - United Congregational Church of Christ, Wash., D.C.
24. Ingrid Mattson – Prof. of Islamic Studies, Hartford Seminary
25. Dr. Maria Menocal - Professor of Medieval Studies,Yale University
26. S.H. Nasr - Professor of Islamic Studies, George Washington University
27. Dr. Sulayman Nyang - Co-Director of Muslims in the American Public Square
28. Eboo Patel - Executive Director, Interfaith Youth Core, Chicago, IL
29. Imam Feisal Rauf - Author, “What’s Right with Islam”
30. Rabbi David Rosen - International Dir. of Interreligious Affairs, AJC
31. Dr. Abdulaziz Sachedina - Author, “The Islamic Roots of Democratic Pluralism”
32. Imam Yusuf Saleem - Principal, Clara Muhammad School, Wash. D.C.
33. Krister Stendahl - Prof. of Divinity Emeritus, Harvard Divinity School
34. Dr. Jane Smith - Hartford Seminary
35. Dr. Leonard Swidler - Professor of Catholic Thought, Temple University


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